Project Assembly Line is a LLC committed to bringing immediate, tangible improvements to the lives of factory workers in developing nations through public awareness and corporate social responsibility.

We partner with corporations who can meet with their factory managers in the developing world and figure out what their factory workers need or want. After providing each worker with items such as coats or communal items like first aid kits on a set basis, the corporations can reach an agreement to use our seal of approval on their website or products to prove that they care about their factory workers. We also educate and engage the public on issues such as factory workers lives and conditions abroad. 

We believe in bottom worker before bottom dollar. We support those forgotten factory workers where profit prevails over dignity. Many factory workers in developing nations get paid very little. Their work conditions are less than ideal, often 6 days a week, 14-hour days. Workers usually send their money back home to their families and are stuck in limbo. We believe corporations and the privileged consumer should support impoverished factory workers and make their lives and work conditions better.

Any money made from non-tax exempt fundraising and corporate partnerships will allow Project Assembly Line to reach out to more corporations and aid more factory workers around the globe.