Our Steps

  1. Partner with a corporation that has a factory in a developing nation
  2. Visit the factory and corporation (staff, students, locals, corporate liaison or volunteers)
  3. Create an internal report that outlines the factory workers needs
  4. Reach agreement with company and factory to provide needed tangible items on a set basis or match what we fundraise
  5. Follow-up and due diligence report
  6. Corporation will be allowed to use our seal of approval (for a modest cost based on sales) on their products or website to signify their commitment, and corporate social responsibility 

Corporate Incentives

  1. Can put our seal of approval on their products, and website after cooperating
  2. Sponsorship opportunities
  3. Public relations boost
  4. Increases your sales
  5. Increases your customer loyalty
  6. Differentiates your company from competitors
  7.  Increases brand and corporate reputation
  8. Enhances employee recruitment and retention
  9. Assists in getting rid of obsolete inventory through in-kind gifts
  10. Allows employees chances to practice leadership and management
  11. Write off as a business expense or investment
  12. Make an impact in the world, aid your factory workers 

Our Seal of Approval

Current Partnerships